PD – Frequently asked questions

Can I apply for Small Claims if I have already received a PD grant this year? You are still eligible for small claims even though you have received a large grant. However, please note that funding for small claims is based on the number of people who apply.

My internet service is bundled on my home Videotron bill with my TV cable service.  If I can get a detail of one of my monthly bills from Videotron to show what I pay for internet each month, would that be sufficient backup for this claim? If your internet service is bundled with your home phone or cable bill, make sure that you have at least one bill that indicates your actual high speed internet fees. If you would like to be reimbursed for the tax, calculate that as well.

Can I receive professional development funds if I am not currently teaching a course? As long as you are on the seniority list and have not requested to be on official leave you are eligible to apply for PD Grants, even if you are not currently teaching. You will remain on the seniority list for 32 months after teaching your last class. However, you must be teaching at least one term during the academic year in order to be eligible for Small Claims.

 What type of training does PD pay for? PD will cover the costs of workshops given by a recognized institutions. If you have specific questions please contact me. Eligible workshop include those that enhance professional activities as well as course development.

Can I use a PD Grant or the Small Claims fund to buy a laptop or external hard drive? The cost of a computer or external hard drive will not be covered. Data keys are allowed but hard drives are still considered to be hardware which is not allowed. Antivirus software is acceptable, but not computer repairs.

Once I’m awarded a PD Grant can I change my project? Monies awarded for a project cannot be transferred without a written request to the committee.

Can I apply for a PD Grant retroactively? The activity for which funds have been requested must take place after the deadline for which the application was made.

Can I apply for a PD Grant to publish a book? No, PD grants don’t provide money for the publishing or projects that go into the creation of money making property.

Does PD provide a stipend for research and creation? No, PD Grants will not pay for the applicant’s time. However, they will cover the cost of a research assistant.

How many times can I apply for PD Grants? In an effort to distribute monies equally, the committee gives lower priority to, and may exclude altogether, applicants who have received full funding in the last academic year. In the past, applicants who have been funded for two consecutive years were unlikely to receive funding. However, if money is available, we will do our best to consider these applications as well.