CUPFA News is one of the communication vehicles to inform the membership about issues and events.  It is important for members to read CUPFA News along with emails and all correspondence sent by the Association rather than feign ignorance after the fact.  CUPFA News is issued once a year at the end of November, or start of December and is mailed to members.  It is also available on the CUPFA website.  In addition to CUPFA News, another communication vehicle, Nego News, is a specialised newsletter to apprise the membership about the progress of contract negotiations when the Association is at the bargaining table.

CUPFA News, Volume 32, Number 1, December 2016                         CUPFANEWS2016

CUPFA News, Volume 31, Number 1, December 2015

CUPFA News, Volume 30, Number 1, December 2014

CUPFA News, Volume 29, Number 1, December 2013

CUPFA News, Volume 28, Number 1, December 2012

CUPFA News, Volume 27, Number 1, December 2011

CUPFA News, Volume 26, Number 1, December 2010

CUPFA News, Volume 25, Number 1, December 2009

CUPFA News, Volume 24, Number 1, December 2008

CUPFA News, Volume 23, Number 1, December 2007
Special Issue. Theme: Mobilization.
» CUPFANews2007

CUPFA News, Volume 22, Number 1, December 2006