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CUPFA Special Project talk by Dr. James Freeman – Feb 4, 2016 at 6:30pm

“Gentrification and the Creative Economy in a “Pacified” Rio de Janeiro Favela”

Thursday February 4, 2016
Burritoville, 2055 rue Bishop
6:30-8:30pm followed by a social event

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This talk presents the results of fieldwork in Rio de Janeiro during the Summer of 2015, which was funded by a CUPFA Special Project’s Grant.

Rio de Janeiro is in the midst of dramatic transformation as part of a mega event led strategy of urban development, centered on the recent soccer World Cup and the upcoming 2016 summer Olympics.  The business of the games is highly dependent on a policy of favela pacification, where military occupation displaces drug gangs and among other things opens housing markets to wealthier outsiders, displacing long-time residents. In the beachside favela of Vidigal, North American style residential gentrification appears to be well underway. The community has long had a vocation for the arts, and artists seem to be leading the way in the class transformation of the neighborhood, as middle-class Brazilians and foreigners move in to this once stigmatized neighbourhood to take advantage of an arts scene, an emerging cultural economy and stunning views at a discount. While there is much talk of displacement and exclusion, a minority of native Vidigal residents have been able to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by pacification. Through a series of interviews with Vidigal residents James addresses the question of who wins, who loses and why. How does residential gentrification led by artists and bohemians (facilitated by military occupation) look in a Brazilian context and what can it add to our understanding of gentrification?

Dr. James Freeman teaches in the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment.  He earned his PhD in geography from the University of California at Berkeley in 2002.  Researching popular culture, public space and political economy in Rio de Janeiro for almost 20 years, James is the author of numerous scholarly articles on these topics. He has recently given a series of public and academic lectures on the consequences of the World Cup and the Olympics for Rio’s favelas.

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Exhibition “Céramique: art & design” Jan 23-March 5, 2016

Part-time faculty member Francine Potvin
participates in exhibition at  Galerie Lilian Rodriguez.
«Céramique : art & design» – January 23 to March 5, 2016.
(514) 395-2245

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CUPFA has heard the recent news that a beloved colleague and friend, fellow Part-time professor Virginia (Ginny) Nixon died on Wednesday December 9th, 2015.  Maria Peluso, Past President, CUPFA writes: “For anyone who crossed her path you were immediately struck with a sharp wit an inquisitive mind, and a kind heart.  Ginny was loyal to the Concordia Part-time Faculty Association, to her many colleagues and the students she served.”  Her obituary appeared in The Gazette on Saturday December 12th.  To read it and leave a message in the guest book, please click on the link below.

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Concordia’s 2015 Centraide Campaign is underway!  CUPFA’s Executive Secretary Scott Chlopan is championing the cause once again, in this 41st year of the event.   He tells you about how you can give to this great cause and have a chance to win some great prizes.  Also, you can support by attending the famous ‘pasta lunches’, ‘samosa sale’ and talent concert.  All details are in the letter below.
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This fall, the CSU, CUPFA and CULEU have jointly sponsored a speaker series on the topic of “Austerity”.  Our goal in this endeavour is to responsibly do what educators are tasked to do: to foster dialogue and debate on policy alternatives; to engage the Concordia community in discussion. We are proud to support the students of Concordia in this initiative.

Across the University, in both individual Departments and at Faculty Association levels, the students of Concordia are debating how they will respond to the austerity policies of the Quebec government.  That is their right and CUPFA supports this right wholeheartedly.

We have faith that our students will discuss, debate, and determine their options in open and democratic forums.  We have faith that students will respect the divergent views of their fellow students.  We have faith that, should individual units vote to respond in specific ways to the austerity policies, they will respect those votes.  We have faith that our students will respect the rights of others students who may differ in their views.  We believe students will respect the rights of faculty, many of whom share the same concerns.  Above all we believe students will engage in protest without the use of violence or damage to University property.

To Part-time Faculty Members:
In the event that students vote to undertake specific actions, such as a student strike, it is our duty as CUPFA to underscore the following:
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Concordia’s Teaching Values

What are the fundamental, overarching values that inform teaching practices at Concordia?
What qualities demonstrate that teaching practices at Concordia are different from other institutions?

Concordia is reaching out to the entire university community to talk about teaching values and what is essential for a broad and useful definition of good teaching.  They have organized the following Values Sessions* to help identify them:

Tuesday November 3rd 12:00 – 1:30 pm in S H 769
Cathy Bolton/Philippe Caignon

Monday November 9th 2:00 – 3:30 pm in S FB 620
Cathy Bolton/Philippe Caignon

Monday November 23rd 12:00 – 1:30 pm in S EV 2.776
Cathy Bolton/Philippe Caignon

* Refreshments will be served at all events.

Please pass the word along to colleagues in your department and refer to the attached link for more information on this initiative:

If you are interested in conducting your own Values Session, please contact Cathy Bolton at
If you require additional information, do not hesitate to contact the CTL at, ext. 2495 or click on

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CUPFA invites you to join us at two Campus Equity Week events.
Please register now as spaces are limited.   RSVP for both events by Friday October 23rd at noon or call the CUPFA office at 514 848-2424 extension 3691.

Forum on eLearning: an informal discussion on the impact of eLearning
This discussion forum will explore how we can use technology to enhance the classroom experience while examining some of the pitfalls and advantages of online courses. Can we use our voices and experience as part-time professors to help shape university policy on the future of teaching and learning? Please join us in a discussion of online courses and share your ideas, knowledge, experience and concerns about the future of eLearning and how it will affect part-time faculty.
Date: Tuesday, October 27th
Time:12:00 – 2:00 PM
Place: H760, Henry F Hall Building,1455 de Maisonneuve West

Profile Clinic: a hands-on clinic aimed at helping members enhance their online presence
This hands-on workshop will show members how to create departmental profiles for Concordia’s new website; introduce Explore Concordia, a visually dynamic gateway that allows faculty to easily create knowledge networks and discover potential connections across disciplines; and provide information on how to disseminate research papers on Spectrum, a university-wide, open access online research repository for academic and creative research.
Date: Friday, October 30th
Time: 1:30 – 3:00 PM
Place: CDA Computer Labs, EV5.709, 1515 Saint Catherine West

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CUPFA is proud to release the video entitled Building a Better Future that showcases part-time professors’ passion for teaching, dedication to students and applied expertise in our fields.  The video was made to commemorate CUPFA’s 25 year anniversary.   It is a celebration of the unique contribution that part-time faculty make to the life of students and the wider Concordia community.  You can download the video by clicking on the link below.

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