Part-Time Teaching Application Form

It is critical that the Part-Time Teaching Application Form be filled completely and correctly and be submitted within the stipulated time frame. Before filling out the form, go through the Information Sheet carefully and, if you have any further questions, please contact us.

Appendix H
Concordia University
Part-Time Application Form (CUPFA)
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Annexe H
Université Concordia
Formulaire de demande d’enseignement à temps partiel
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Appendix G-A
Concordia University
Change of Classification Form – Graduate Students (CUPFA)

Annexe G-A

Université Concordia
Formulaire de changement de classification étudiantes et étudiants inscrits aux cycles supérieurs (CUPFA)
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Appendix G-B
Concordia University
Change of Classification Form – Adjuncts (CUPFA)

Annexe G-B
Université Concordia
Formulaire de changement de classification – professeures et professeurs associés (CUPFA)
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Appendix G-C
Concordia University
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Annexe G-C
Université Concordia
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Part-time hiring committee note taking form
Please download and print this form, complete it and send it to CUPFA. Alternatively you can complete the ‘fillable’ version on line, print it and send it to CUPFA.
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Direct Deposit Service for Employees Form
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Claim for Health Care Benefits Form

Small Claims – Application Form
(May 1, 2016- April 30, 2017 Budget Year)
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Formulaire de demande de prestations d’assurance maladie
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Injury (Accident)/Incident/Illness/Hazard Report
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Formulaire de rapport de blessure/incident/maladie/danger
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Declaration of Marital Status Form
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Deferred Salary Leave Form
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Régime de congé a traitement différé
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Spousal Waiver of Death Benefit form (Death before retirement)

Attending Physician Statement Form (Physical and Psychological Illness) 
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Short Term Disability Claim Form
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Tuition Waiver Eligibility
Clause 19.03/Article 19.03
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Tuition Waiver Application for Credit Courses – Form A
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Tuition Waiver Application for Non-Credit Courses – Form B
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CUPFA Professional Development Forms

Fund Grant Proposal
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» Download word doc

Proposed Budget Travel
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Proposed Budget Research
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Proposed Budget Other
Please use this form if conferences, travel, preparation of art, or research does not describe your project
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Proposed Budget conferences, workshops, training, etc.
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Proposed Budget
Preparation of art, music, etc.
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