Pension Information

All of the following documents are uploaded for information purposes only and do not represent professional financial advice.  Members are advised to obtain professional financial advice before making financial decisions about retirement.

1.  PENSION PLAN for Part-Time Faculty at Concordia University
This document has been prepared by CUPFA and is revised as of November 10, 2015 .  It explains in good detail how the Pension Plan for Employees of Concordia University works for part-time faculty.   Revisions include new information about Old Age Security.   As of July 2013 it is possible to defer collection of OAS for up to 5 years and thereby receive a higher monthly amount.  See page 13 of the following PDF document.  You are also encouraged to read the detailed file on Retirement Planning that is under a separate tab on this website.
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As of April 2016, with changes due to take place to the Pension Plan, CUPFA has prepared the following document to provide an overview.
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2.  Contribution Status Change Form
Use this form to change your membership status in the pension plan from non-contributory to contributory.   See information about this on page 4.   Complete the form well before the 30 November annual deadline and send to Concordia Pension Services, S-FB-1130.
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3.  Comparing RRIF to Annuity –
This is PDF copy of an article explaining the differences between RRIFs and Annuities found on the website.  This article is relevant when considering how to convert your RRSP into a flow of income for your retirement.   This article is uploaded for information purposes only.
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4.  Over to You – The Economist
This is a reprint of an article that appeared in a special edition of The Economist magazine on pensions (7 April 2011).   This article discusses defined benefit vs defined contribution pension plans.
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5.  Information booklets about the Quebec and Canada Pension Plans.  More information is available from the websites for CPP and QPP – see Information Resources at the back of the General Information Document.   All of these documents were current in May 2012.

The Canada Pension Plan Retirement Pension
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QPP – Welcome to the Quebec Pension Plan
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QPP – A Plan Made For You
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QPP – Beneficiary’s Bulletin
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Last Updated on August 5th, 2015.