Member Benefits

Find more employee benefit details in designated website sections, on Carrefour, in CUPFA’s Collective Agreement.

To find your official seniority, go to FRIS and select “Part Time Professors and Applicants”. Scroll down to the links under “Relevant Documentation” to “CUPFA Seniority List” and other useful links to current course postings and instructions regarding applications, contract signing and pdf merging.

 To access employee benefits:

  1. Contact Human Resources to obtain an employee ID Card, update your employee profile, etc. See HR site.
  2. Use My CU Account to acquire a Concordia email address and use it daily for key information. 
  3. Contact CUPFA FIRST about any difficulties related to benefits / employment. 

 Pension Plan for Employees of Concordia University

See CUPFA’s Pension Information and Pension Orientation session video, including Financial and Retirement Planning. 

Members qualify for the pension plan once their annual Concordia income reaches a level equivalent to teaching approximately 3 courses between January and December. This triggers enrolment in the plan on January 1st of the following year with participation continuing even if workload and salary is lower in subsequent years.

CUPFA recommends that members try to qualify as soon as possible for Concordia’s unusually advantageous “defined benefit” pension which includes guaranteed monthly pension payments for life.  

 Group RRSP and TFSA Accounts are available to all Concordia employees – contact Concordia Benefits.

 Health Insurance (CUPFA Collective Agreement article 15.15) 

Members below 40 credits of seniority are enrolled in the RAMQ equivalent health care plan.  

Members with 40+ seniority credits will be enrolled in Concordia’s Comprehensive Medical Insurance Plan and may opt out if covered by another plan. Contact Info CUPFA with questions or problems.

 Paid Sick Leave & Salary Insurance  (CUPFA Collective Agreement article 15.04, 15.05)

Coverage starts from your contract’s signing date: full pay + benefits for up to one month if too ill to work during the contract. 

Continuing disability at 85% salary for up to the remainder of that signed contract. Members with 75 seniority credits and signed contract(s) for 2 consecutive terms receive 85% salary for the remainder of those contracts. 

Occupational Illness or Injury: CUPFA Collective Agreement article 15.13.

Contact your department chair and if you become too ill to work.  

 Parental, Paternity and Maternity Leaves

See CUPFA Collective Agreement articles 14.01 to 14.05. Contact Concordia Benefits.

 Bereavement Leaves

See CUPFA Collective Agreement article 14.06: 5 consecutive working days of paid leave in the event of the death of an immediate family member or in-law, extendible to 10 days with travel of more than 300 km from the city of Montreal.

 Jury Duty Leave

See CUPFA Collective Agreement article 14.07: full pay while serving on a jury, subject to some conditions.

 Office Space and Facilities

See CUPFA Collective Agreement article 19.01.  Members are entitled to use computer equipment and their department’s part-time faculty office from the contract’s signing date.

 Tuition Fee Waivers

See CUPFA Collective Agreement articles 19.03 to 19.05. Tuition fee waivers require 21 credits of seniority.

 Library Privileges

See CUPFA Collective Agreement articles 9.06: full use of the library while under contract /on the seniority list / on leave. Contact Library Circulation.

 Health Services

Concordia has health clinic services. See Health Services including mental health.

 Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

As of July 1, 2022, the Employee Assistance Program is available to all Concordia employees and their immediate family at no cost. EAP is strictly voluntary and provides a broad range of confidential counselling, referral, and information services in English and French available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.