Grant Recipients

The spreadsheets below provide an outline of Large Grant projects and recipients approved by the joint union/employer Professional Development Committee in each granting period. 

Grant recipients must submit a detailed report on their projects and financing. Projects are illustrated in “ePD Projects” subsection and reporting details appear under “Reports and Expenses”. 

More detailed information about PD Large Grants and Small Claims is included in CUPFA Annual Reports reviewed and approved at the Association’s Annual General Meeting held in March of each year.


Apr. 2024 Large Grants

Jan. 2024 Large Grants


Oct. 2023 Large Grants

Apr. 2023 Large Grants

Jan. 2023 Large Grants


Oct. 2022 Large Grants

Apr. 2022 Large Grants

Jan. 2022 Large Grants


Oct. 2021 Large Grants

Apr. 2021 Large Grants

Jan. 2021 Large Grants


Oct. 2020 Large Grants

Apr. 2020 Large Grants

Jan. 2020 Large Grant Recipients


Oct. 2019 Large Grant Recipients

Apr. 2019 Large Grant Recipients


Apr. 2018 – Jan. 2019 Large Grant Recipients

Jan. 2018 Large Grant Recipients


Oct. 2017 Large Grant Recipients

Apr. 2017 Large Grant Recipients