Travel and Expenses

University Policy for Travel and Other Allowable Expenses

All of your expenses must be in accordance with University policy in order to be eligible for reimbursement. If this policy is not followed, Financial Services will not reimburse you. Please read the Policy for Travel and other Allowable Expenses carefully. Policy for travel and other allowable expenses

Two copies of a “Grant Acceptance form” will be enclosed with an official letter informing you that you have been awarded a PD grant. Please read this form carefully and keep a copy on-hand for future reference. Don’t forget to sign one copy and return it to CUPFA within 30 days of receiving your grant notification, along with signed copies of your budgets.

Please note: in accordance with university policy, the CUPFA Professional Development Committee sets the per diem rates annually and are currently as follows:

Canada: $54.00 CAD
USA: $54.00 USD
International: $125.00 CAD

Online Expense Reports

Online Expense Reports can be found on the Concordia Portal under Financial Services ( Additional information is sent to members when their large grant applications or Small Claims requests have been approved. Please make sure you read these documents carefully as they provide important information that is necessary to fill out the online expense reports.

A step-by-step tutorial on how to fill in your claim can be found on the Expense Report by clicking on the hyperlink UserGuide. Keep in mind that there are a some minor differences. Your completed expense reports must be printed out and sent to either your Department Chair (large grants) and then to your budget assistant to be processed, or CUPFA (Small Claims) for approval.

Paying Professionals

NEVER pay someone directly; they must be paid through the University. If hiring an individual or an organization (e.g., technicians, musicians, studio rental), you must complete a cheque requisition form and the University will pay the individual/organization. If you make payment yourself you will not be reimbursed. Contact your budget officer to receive cheque requisition forms.

Paying Concordia Students

If you received a PD Grant and are hiring Concordia students you must fill out a RA contract and the student(s) must fill out a TRAC Union membership form. They will still be paid directly from the CUPFA PDA account. Contact your Budget Officer for more information.

Steps for paying a Concordia Student

Make sure you read the Research Assistant (TRAC-RA) contract instructions carefully, keeping in mind that there are some minor differences for CUPFA grant recipients: instead of sending the contract to HR, send it to your budget officer. They will fill out the budget codes and send the completed contract to payroll.

1) You must fill out the Research Assistant (TRAC-RA) contract, which can be found on Cspace at: under the Research Assistant tab.
2) Fill out the contract, sign it and have the Concordia student/research assistant and your Department Chair sign it. Make a copy and keep it for your records.
3) Return the contract to your budget officer along with a void cheque for payroll (so the money can be deposited directly into the student’s account).
4) Your budget officer will input the CUPFA budget codes. The completed contract and void cheque will be forwarded to payroll.
5) The student RA must be provided with a TRAC union membership form that can be found at: Download the membership form for completion and signing by the student and remit original to the TRAC union at PR-204 and PR-205 – 2100 Mackay.
Expenses over $1000
The purchase of supplies or miscellaneous expenses in excess of $1000.00 must be done through Purchasing Services.


If you have paid for your airline ticket yourself make sure you save your BOARDING PASSES and submit them with your receipt and expense report. Otherwise the University may not reimburse you.

Concordia University Travel Voucher

Members should consider taking advantage of University travel vouchers to pay for an airline ticket in advance. A completed travel voucher must then be sent to your Budget Assistant within 24 hours of booking the trip. Your Budget Assistant will fill in the Account Code. The name of your Budget Officer appears at the bottom of the contract you signed upon acceptance of your grant. If you cannot find this important document, please call CUPFA and our Office Manager will provide the information for you.
Download Travel Voucher – pdf

The following are the University’s preferred travel agencies:

Voyages Foreman Ideal

Norko International Travel

Uniglobe Voyages Lexus
514-397-9221, ext. 230 or 242

Travel arrangements may be made through any other travel agency for a lower or equal fare but only after obtaining a written quote from one of the University’s official travel agencies. This quote must be included with the expense report at the time of submission for reimbursement.

Note: if travel by train or air is being claimed, the original boarding pass is required.
The university will accept alternate travel arrangements that the claimant made abroad.
Flight-cancellation insurance and health insurance are allowable expenditures. Receipts for such expenses should be kept and indicated on the claim form.

Vehicle rental may only be claimed if it is less expensive than economy airfare or if the destination is inaccessible by air or train.