ADRIAN NORVID Perfomance, FOFA Gallery, Oct. 19 & 20, 4pm

The Little Black Bumhole Opera
Presents Adrian Norvid
Performing as Lord Muck
In Opus Chokeus
A dark as molasses sonic exploration of Parlance, Utterance and Vehemence, including: the varieties of Scottish Shortbread and the laying waste of a perfectly good yard of tartan; beating on various not entirely resonant surfaces and a lot of fiddling with buttons and knobs; a brief, entirely misconstrued excerpt from the Who’s 1970’s rock opera Tommy and a dirty little bit of burned toast by way of conclusion. One and all are welcome but be forewarned, all views are partially obstructed and there is nowhere to sit. There is no intermission either but it is not too hard to sneak out, as Lord Muck will barely be registering your presence.
EV 1-715