Montreal, October 7, 2014 – The Association of Part-time Faculty wishes to state that it has reached an Agreement in Principle with Concordia University. The agreement comes after considerable effort was made at the table. Its salary provisions reflect the similar salary increases achieved by other Concordia unions over the last year, but in addition the Association was able to secure progress in normative areas.

Given the fluidity of the present budget plans for the University, the Association decided it was in the best interest of its members to implement gains made at the table now, by accepting a short term agreement which will expire in April 2015. We will then re-open negotiations for the next Collective Agreement in the same cycle as other Concordia unions.

The Negotiating team will complete the work of revising the Collective Agreement text and then bring the new agreement to the membership for a ratification vote shortly. You will receive further notifications as to when this event will take place.

Dr. Dave Douglas
President, CUPFA