CUPFA stands in solidarity with the CUPE 3903 and CUPE 3902 strike of indentured members, who are without a contract at York University and the University of Toronto.   A letter of support has been sent by Me. Patrice Blais, Vice President Collective Agreement, and Chief Negotiator.

Download CUPFA’s letter of support for CUPE 3903 and CUPE 3902

“The Concordia University Part-time Faculty Association (CUPFA) is dismayed that the administrators of York University and the University of Toronto continue to be intransigent in providing a fair collective agreement to the indentured members of CUPE 3903 and CUPE 3902.

The risk management your employers are not prepared to confront is their own. Your employers must bear the responsibility of what they have created – a guaranteed disruption of the services you normally provide; a strike that you wanted to avoid.

Seemingly the employers of York University and the University of Toronto have no intention to quickly settle a negotiated agreement any time soon. Faculty and teaching assistants across this country will not easily forget the last contract negotiations at York University and a strike that lasted a record 85 days.

Our union supports the proposals you have submitted and in particular an urgent need for stability and job security with a guaranteed floor of contracts, and at the very least, part-time contracts signed well before classes begin. CUPFA supports your non-contentious proposals for greater financial transparency, improved graduate funding and the integration of your members into the administrative governance of the institutions you serve.

Respect for the learning environment of the academy cannot be sustained without recognition of the value of academic members of CUPE 3903 and 3902. CUPFA endorses your strike initiative. We are with you in your struggle to obtain a new collective agreement soon.”

Me Patrice Blais
Vice President, CUPFA
Collective Agreement, Chief Negotiator