Memo on Course Applications

To All CUPFA Members

Members are reminded that May 1 – 15 is the time to apply for Fall and Winter courses! Remember when you apply:

You must fill out a hard copy of the application form and submit it to both the Department you are applying to and to CUPFA.

If you are applying to more than one Department, you submit the identical form to each Department and to CUPFA.  (In other words, the form you submit to each department will show all the courses you are applying for, across all departments. A copy of this  form will be the form you submit to CUPFA. All the forms must say the exact same thing, otherwise this will be grounds to invalidate your application).

While you are free to peruse FRIS to see what courses are available, you cannot use the FRIS system to apply electronically.  Why?

This system is currently a “work-in-progress” at the University. At this time, CUPFA has not agreed to use this system.  We cannot verify the data from electronic applications at this time, and therefore, we cannot guarantee the protection of the interests of members. Therefore, we remain committed to the established system. IF a member submits an electronic copy and does not submit the regular paper applications, CUPFA hiring reps will have no choice but to reject the application as incomplete.  Electronic applications will only become a reality when CUPFA is fully satisfied with the integrity of that system, and the system is codified in our Collective Agreement.

Other things to bear in mind:

Remember to keep your dossier up to date in the departments you teach in. Too many members allow their dossier to “fossilise.” It is your responsibility to ensure that your dossier is current.

Remember that the Summer semester is the beginning of the Academic year. If you teach a course in the summer semester, you must indicate this on your Fall/Winter application form.

If you are applying to teach a course which you have taught fewer than three times, remember to submit appropriate supplementary materials (eg. draft syllabus). These materials are necessary to support your claim that you are fully qualified to teach this course. They are vital if CUPFA is to defend your claim in the event that your application is improperly refused.

Me Patrice Blais
VP, Collective Agreement and Grievance