Message concerning Procedures for Job Applications and FRIS

Dear Members,

By now you may have received an email from our employer regarding the experimental use of FRIS in connection to Summer hirings. The Association has lodged its objection to our employer’s recommendation that members test out their initiative. It is IMPORTANT to remember that this FRIS “system” is NOT approved by the Association and it does NOT respect our Collective Agreement. The Association has not been provided the necessary assurances that the system is reliable. We insist that there remains only one approved method of applying for new courses. All courses MUST be posted in your Department as they always have been. Applications MUST be in hard copy. Any list that is attached to an Appendix H form may be rejected. Use only your Appendix H application. Should there be a mistake or a discrepancy only the official postings respecting the Collective Agreement will be binding.

The Association is deeply concerned that the invitation to test the experimental FRIS protocol and the instructions you have been given by our employer will confuse you as they ignore our Collective Agreement. We are further concerned that this attempt by our employer represents an effort to pre-dispose the membership toward new rules of hiring, in advance of negotiations and ratification of a new Collective Agreement. Until we reach a new Collective Agreement, we must vigilantly observe the protocols set down under our present CA, as to do otherwise would be to undermine and weaken them.

Accordingly, please follow the provisions of the Collective Agreement as to how you apply for available posted courses. Ensure you apply by the deadline of February 15. Do NOT deal with anything involving FRIS.

Maria E. Peluso,
President, CUPFA